Pete Nogueira
Great instructor, the courses were quite informational as they relayed a lot of details on what you must always remember in this line of work.
WIllie Sandra Olmeda
Extremely professional instructional training. Mr. Hernandez and his staff are professionals. Great equipment and customer service. I highly recommend this establishment.
Wonderful experience. I will be returning soon for my G license.
Hernandez is awesome
Mr. Hernandez and his team are very professional and caring. They also helped me get a job. Highly recommend this school.
Instructor is very cooperative and is willing to make the class a wonderful experience...I would recommend this to anyone not because of my success but because you are guaranteed the proper training that will prepare you for your occupation.
Professional and very flexible classes.
Mr. Hernandez is the best instructor
An excellent school for the new Officer or retired LE Officer to receive his or her training. Great reports from the Officers I sent from my company. The instructors make it interesting with good videos to back up what they are teaching. I have 35 years experience in Police and Security and highly recommend this school.
Very professional operation.
Ralph Cepeda
Awesome place and awesome people,they make the classes fun and You learn a lot. Definitely would recommend anyone interested in getting their D and G license to be part of the executive security Academy.